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3 ply mask

3 ply mask

Face shield

Lightweight and portable face shield. User can easily install or replace visor, no tool is needed. Perfect for spraying, chipping, critical chemical and blood borne hazards. Fit with everyone included children. Soft padded relief pressure point, all-day wear feature. Face and hearing combination is available, suitable with B001~B008, B015~B027.

Medical Equipment Backpack

"External material: Cordura®1100 dtex Internal material: Poliamida 210D PVC High quality Zipper: YKK® Reflective strip: Reflexite® Medical Emergency backpack: Complete opening with zipper, fully padded, one front pocket (38*31*10cm) and two side pockets (44*13*7cm). Five inside pockets (30*13*7cm) removable in different colors with transparent window and a handle. Inside pockets and elastics in order to facilitate the storage of the equipment. Easy to carry with a hand grip and two padded braces at the back for a better comfort, plus adjustable restraint for waist and chest. Dimensions: 58*50*35cm Volume: 28L Weight: 3Kg"

Small kit

Material: Polyamide 210D PVC. Bag with zip opening; transparent window at front. Available in different colors. Dimensions: 24*10*8cm

CO2 Canister 2.5 lb

CO2 canister - aluminum with valve (2.5lbs)

CO2 Canister 1 lb

1 CO2 canister - aluminum with valve (1lb)