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Sascha Winter China - The usual suspect 5f89b56a0e08615010aa5897/a.jpg
Sascha Winter Your Supply Chain may not be efficient – Time to think outside the box (pun intended) 5f890d6ce6be3e041f41f956/1.jpg
Sascha Winter Supply Chain 2.0 - How the healthcare industry needs to rethink their procedures 5f872718638f2eecdb5c862d/sc.jpg

Our Team

Sascha Winter

Chief Executive Officer


Philippe Marceau

Chief Operating Officer


Jennifer Peltenburg

Chief Strategy Officer


Dr. Reem Alneebari

Chief Medical Officer



Heidi Brelsford

VP Sales & Marketing


John Paulson

Director Sales North America


Andrea Botha

Director Sales Africa & Middle East


Gabor Zador

Creative Director


Joey Paulson

Sales Engineer North America


Lesego Matsele

Sales Engineer Africa



Gian Basilio

Operations Manager


Brianna Duffer

Marketing Manager


Shahbaz Naqvi

Customer Support