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Sascha Winter Your Supply Chain may not be efficient – Time to think outside the box (pun intended) 5f890d6ce6be3e041f41f956/1.jpg
Sascha Winter Supply Chain 2.0 - How the healthcare industry needs to rethink their procedures 5f872718638f2eecdb5c862d/sc.jpg

Our Team

Sascha Winter

Chief Executive Officer


Philippe Marceau

Chief Operating Officer


Jennifer Peltenburg

Chief Strategy Officer


Dr. Reem Alneebari

Chief Medical Officer



Mike Peltenburg

Chief Technology Officer


Heidi Brelsford

VP Sales & Marketing


John Paulson

Director Sales North America


Andrea Botha

Director Sales Africa & Middle East


Gabor Zador

Creative Director


Joey Paulson

Sales Engineer North America


Lesego Matsele

Sales Engineer Africa



Gian Basilio

Operations Manager


Brianna Duffer

Marketing Manager


Ehsan Mahpour

Technical Lead


Shahbaz Naqvi

Customer Support